How This Site Was Built

Here are the ingredients used for this web site:

  1. The whole site is running on the Drupal content management system (CMS). This is Drupal version 7.

  2. The graphic design comes from a customized version of the Mix and Match theme which is a sub-theme of the Fusion theme.

  3. Custom skins (graphic effects) are provided by the Fusion Accelerator module.

  4. The website content is maintained in a mySQL database.

  5. Anonymous input is security screened by Mollom.

  6. Drupal is run by the Apache2 server.

  7. Apache is running on Debian "Wheezy" Linux.

  8. Linux is running on a KVM virtual machine hosted by LinuxForce, Inc.

  9. The virtual machine is hosted on a Tyan 1U server running 2 quad core AMD CPUs.

  10. The hardware is housed in a co-location facility in Conshohoken, PA.

All this software is free and open source software (FOSS). There are no license fees or restrictions on its use. The source code is available and can be modified.